Nihal German Schools in Sudan

The Institutions

The Kindergarten

Children can be admitted here from a very early age, of approximately three years. In particular, the final two years will take on the character of what is typically a preschool. One of the special foci will be on teaching basic German language so that the graduates of this preschool will be able to communicate in German, primarily in everyday situations.


The Elementary School

In this institution, instruction will be provided in a second foreign language from among the second languages offered in the university (such as English, Spanish, French, or Italian). The graduates shall be able to communicate in age-compliant areas in German and possibly learn the basics of another major European language.

The age at which children will be admitted will be in accordance with Sudanese law. The regular school term is four years.


The High School (or Gymnasium)

During the eight-year long high school (or Gymnasium), we will continue the acquisition of foreign languages begun in the previous levels, and a third foreign language will be taught. However, this language does not have to be one of the second languages offered; it can be an ancient language or one of the local languages spoken.


The Middle School

The visitors of the school should reach approximately a level of the secondary school certificate. A further focus is that they get an artistic or practical training:

  • So the children shall get an education focus in the fine arts or music, if they opt for the artistic branch. Successful graduates of this branch could make a contribution to the cultural production of the country.
  • The branch of professional practice could, depending on individual choice, offering the opportunity for a teaching focus in the area of commercial and office communications. Maybe it could be considered if there is the possibility of a parallel practical education in the last two or three years of schooling offered or if the total school time should be increased to this end on eleven years.