Nihal German Schools in Sudan

Ideas & Objectives


The founding of the Nihal German University in Sudan as a university based on German standards is also linked to long-term goal of establishing an integrated educational system based on German standards. In the framework of this system, coming generations in Sudan would be able to benefit from an integrated education, extending from early childhood to the completion of a university degree, without having to spend longer periods abroad, a privilege only available to the wealthy upper classes.

By establishing a middle school students should also be enabled to pursue alternatively an artistic or practical educational career.



At all levels of the educational system, multilingualism will be a guiding principle. At the same time, foreign languages should also take on a special role, assuming greater significance as a student advances, to the point where German can be used as the language of instruction at the university level.

Nonetheless, the Arabic language will also continue to be important. Students will thus be instructed in colloquial Arabic as much as possible prior to the university, and they should also always be exposed to technical terms in Arabic during their university training. In this way, we will comply with the efforts of the Sudanese government, as well as the entire Arab world, to expose people to Arabic culture. This is a factor which should not be neglected in planning the new university, which will not attempt to suppress Arabic in favor of Western elements but instead will attempt to bring them into a fertile symbiosis. By the same token, the non-Arabic African aspects of Sudanese cultural diversity should also be given appropriate attention so students will become more ac-quainted with cultural pluralism, helping this feature of the country achieve wider acceptance.


Compliance with National and International Standards

All levels of this educational system should be in accordance with the legal requirements of Sudan. On this basis, the appropriate examinations will be given after completion of the eighth year of school. That way pupils will automatically have the certificate of completion for Sudanese schools. At the end of schooling, they should have attained the level of education that Sudanese have after completing high school.

At the same time, one goal for the college-preparatory school (or Gymnasium) is that the final examinations taken and passed there should enable students to take up study directly in Germany and other countries in Europe.

With regard to the German standards the standard school curriculum and education standards of the federal state of Baden-Württemberg are serving as standard of orientation.