Nihal German Schools in Sudan

The Project

The Concept

The Nihal German Schools in Sudan is a subproject of the Nihal Education Centre Sudan. Within this system comming generations in Sudan shall once be enabled to enjoy a continuous education according to German standards from kindergarten to the completion of university. At the same time the establishment of a Middle School shall enable pupils to choose an artistic or practical educational career.

The Nihal German Schools in Sudan cover the pre-school and school sector of education. The sector of higher education however shall be covered by the Nihal German University in Sudan which is still to be established.


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Sponsors & Helpers

The Nihal Education Centre Sudan in general and the Nihal German Schools in Sudan in particular are supported in planning, foundation and operation by Sponsors & Helpers.

This includes in addition to direct financial support especially the arranchment of scholarships and the posting of helping hands like teachers and trainees from Europe temporarily acting on site.